The works presented here were developed after a period of research and involvement with the Lebanese waste crises (2015-present). Throughout, toxicity is seen as an existential and political condition arising from governance that normalizes crisis and prescribes resilience.

Kink Retrograde (19 mins) presents a speculative allegory whose protagonists live in a world and city presided over by shocks that come to resemble the apparent retrograde motion of celestial bodies: cyclical and seemingly backwards moving. The intoxicated characters decide that the social contract between themselves and the sovereign powers has always been breached, and so they must devise a new and transparent contract aware of its own abjectness, risk, and deviance — one of total kink.

The sculptural work at the center of the installation accompanying the video is built around a spine brace that belonged to my mother.

For the link to the full video, please contact me. For more thoughts on the history of waste in Beirut, system thinking, destituent power and care structures, please see this draft of an unpublished essay.